Raven Walk
A Photographic Journey Through Huntsville

This page contains images and other information related to the book “Raven Walk: A Photographic Journey Through Huntsville”.

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This photo of Black-bellied Whistling Tree Ducks was taken in front of the swimming pool at Eastham - Thomason Park off 10th street.

100_2584 100_2589
Early morning at Eastham - Thomason Park, between 10th and 7th Streets.

A cabin on the grounds of the Sam Houston Museum, where the annual folk festival is held.

Sam Houston Museum Arch 1
This is one of two arches on the grounds of the Sam Houston Museum.
They have quotes from Sam Houston on them, with this reading
“I am aware that in presenting myself as the advocate of the Indians
and their rights, I shall stand very much alone.”

Sam Houston Museum Arch 2 Pines and Azaleas at Sam Houston Museum
Three photos from the grounds of the Sam Houston Museum. The first two show two arches in a garden area, with planters filled with flowering bushes, and benches. The third is of the same area, but with pine trees and the late afternoon sun shining through the trees. The museum is on Sam Houston Avenue/75S directly across from Sam Houston State University.

Redbud and Brick Wall
This photo was taken across from the courthouse, at the corner of 11th Street and Hwy 75S.

Brick Path and Bench
A brick path and bridge along Town Creek Park behind City Hall off Avenue M.

Gibbs Powell Front
The Gibbs - Powell Home at the corner of 11th and Avenue M.